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Professional Bio
Brooks Betz


has spent the last fifteen years working at some of the world's largest corporations and financial institutions focusing on business and information technology reengineering efforts. Using proven process methodologies alongside innovative quality approaches and cost containment models, he has delivered fully functioning restructured product delivery organizations, global Software Quality Centers of Excellence (CoEs), and restructured customer quality initiatives for large multi-national corporations. He also specializes in developing and implementing IT global outsourcing strategies and project management initiatives around program management office architecture.

In early 2001, Brooks set out to work along with some of the worlds largest consulting and outsourcing firms designing quality assurance Center of Excellence (CoE) concepts for the global corporate IT environment. Traveling to Europe and Asia for Deutsche Bank, he’s developed IT partnerships in India, China, Singapore, Eastern/Western Europe, and North America integrating Six Sigma & CMM quality standards, resource productivity, and a “on-demand” scaleable growth capability with world outsourcer’s including IBM, Accenture, Tata, iFlex, Infosys, Wipro, HCL and others. He was the first to create Deutsche Bank’s first fully functioning 150 engineer global testing network Quality Assurance Lab in Bangalore, India in early 2003.

In 2005, Brooks moved to JP Morgan’s Risk Technology Division with a number of his colleagues to create a new centrally managed quality improvement program, including CMMi, 3 sigma, and SQA guideline principles. While the group’s success expanded to multiple teams, a centralized Center of Excellence was then developed in Houston, Texas. Brooks had been instrumental in working to create the remote lab facility for JP Morgan.

In late 2006, Brooks agreed to reengineer the Quality Assurance services for the Global Wealth Management Division at Morgan Stanley in New York City. He now works for the boutique consulting firm Performance Ridge Consulting, based in Liberty Corner, New Jersey focusing on M&A transactions and business and organization reengineering for Fortune 100 companies. He is also an advising partner with T3 Consortium, LLC, a Business-to -Business global professional services company.

A former member of the Hewlett Packard Customer Advisory Board, Brooks assisted Hewlett Packard, now known as the world's largest software solutions company, with its strategic and software enterprise designs. The advisory board is made by some of the world's largest and most demanding corporate citizens including: JP Morgan, Sprint , Alcoa, Deutsche Bank, Fidelity, Quest, Morgan Stanley, Met Life and others. He has also created one of the most robust test automation frameworks in the industry incorporating six sigma and PMI disciplined structures.

Before working at Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, & Deutsche Bank, Brooks worked on the business-side for a number of financial institutions including Bankers Trust Company, Chase Manhattan Bank, NYFX, and other large corporations which lead to his current position in Business Reengineering, Project Management Office support, and Information Technology organizational quality design. Prior to entering the financial services sector, Brooks was the Executive Director at Force Four Marine, a global marine marketing and distribution firm.

Brooks graduated from Bryant University (Rhode Island) in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Finance. He currently lives in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

Brooks can be contacted via email at brooks.betz@t3consortium.com


Deutsche Bank Magazine - Click to read more about the beginning of a center of competency and test automation frameworks.

Deutsche Bank Magazine - Click to read more about the beginning of a center of competency and test automation frameworks.

Deutsche Bank Magazine - Click to read more about the beginning of a center of competency the Global Testing Network Deutsche Bank Magazine - Click to read more about the beginning of a center of competency the Global Testing Network



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